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Draw with Confidence!

Develop your creativity with Alan Sideen Art Lessons for beginners. Whether it's portraiture, cartoon or caricature, people of all ages can join.

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What You'll Learn


Creative Tools

Learn how to use pencils, erasers and papers to  create your masterpiece!

Draw Portrait

Know easy steps on how to
align the facial features from beginning to final touch ups.

Fun Caricature

Draw funny caricature by using basic shapes and essential guide to emphasize figures.

Step by step video instructions

Day by day, videos are created to teach you and build up your confidence daily.

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Over 21 techniques
to guide you

From the start to the finish, what tools to use and how to set up your drawing to completion. These methods have worked over the many years of my drawing career. 

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Draw anywhere
and for anyone

Whether you like the quiet time at the drawing table at home, or maybe your wanting to expand you talents to drawing portraits or caricatures on the spot, the opportunities to letting your light shine is endless. 

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Preview a Portrait Lesson

Learn step by step lessons on how to draw over the next three weeks.

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Video Poster Image

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Start with step by step instructions to create your very own masterpieces!

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