Your Home. Your Business. Your Story!

Alan started off as drawing portraits then moved onto drawing caricatures for businesses and schools.

Today, Alan is asked to paint windows for businesses of all industries.

Located at 111 Regent Avenue West, Aunt Monica's Attic is a growing business. Aunt Monica brings in unique toys that big box stores do not carry. These toy's of Aunt Monica are not battery operated!

Window painting is designed with the business in mind. For example, McMunn and Yates located at Grant Avenue and Pembina Highway windows needed some TLC. To bring to the publics attention, the store manager mentioned to me that the business originated out of Dauphin, Manitoba in 1971. Did you know that? 

At Christmas time, residential window paintings are a delight as the sun light brings to life the Christmas tree and Poinsettia flower.

Speaking of caricatures,  a local restaurant- Bistro Inferno, 312 Des Meurons Street, contacted me to draw all their staff with their pets and be put into a calendar! 

Are you a writer? Well, one local grandfather writes children stories for his grandchildren and ask me to draw cartoon characters for his story.


Perhaps your business is looking for a new logo?

 As you can see you have a home, a business and a story. Let's get together and tell me your story for the world to know!





For all ages!

Al Sideen's Learn to Draw Books™ are a great way for people of all ages to learn basic drawing skills while developing confidence in their creative abilities.

Have fun learning to draw using Al's method of combining simple shapes with basic illustration techniques. It's a great pastime for kids of all ages including adults!